I am not sure if you all have heard, but Ed Sheeran just raised the stakes when it comes to chivalry. Ed Sheeran was pictured walking out of an after party shoe-less and holding his girlfriend’s hand, as well as her heels, while she walked out of the party with his shoes on. (How can you not just go all heart-eyes for Ed Sheeran after hearing that?!)

I will be honest with you, I am a sucker for a polite and well-mannered man. If a guy pulls my chair out for me and pushes me in, or offers me his seat when I am standing, or tells me to wait in the car while he gets out and runs to the passenger side to open my door, I am in love already.

We all Know the Word, but What is it?

First though, let’s take a look at what the actual definition of chivalry is according to Dictionary.com :“The sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.”

Turns out, chivalry began in the medieval times and embodied a code which all knights were called to follow. Clearly, it is not this way anymore, unless all men are knights. If we flesh this out, this definition is practically saying that a chivalrous man is one who is humble, courageous and respectful. He is one who is generous and courteous instinctively.

Modern Chivalry

Chivalry has always been valued within our society, but it has quite drastically evolved. Chivalry has shifted and become less about knighthood and more about courteous and selfless deeds

Looking at men today, I personally came to the conclusion that guys have certainly lost the chivalrous edge as a whole.”Most respondents (all but 15) said that they would like men to act more chivalrous,” according to a study done by Chivalry Now.

If 90% of women AND men agree on this, then why not start with yourself?

Top 4 Chivalrous Acts

On my quest to find out which chivalrous acts really make most girls smile, I read through countless polls and articles to make sure that I had the most well-rounded list. Men, listen up if you are looking to be more chivalrous:

  1. Opening and holding the door open for a woman. This one is a classic and nearly appeared on every list.
  2. He thinks of the woman first when the weather is unfavorable. Yes men, I am sorry but if you see a girl do a little shimmy because it’s cold, the chivalrous thing to do is off her your coat. And if it’s raining, be prepared to get a little wet because that umbrella should cover all of her before it covers you.
  3. Walking Etiquette. When you two are strolling downtown or anywhere, walk on the street side of the sidewalk. Although subtle, it is a sign of protection. Also, walk her to her door after a date to make sure she gets in safely. And a third thing, walk up to her door when you arrive at her place to pick her up for the date. This shows more respect and excitement compared to shooting her a text that says, “I’m here”.
  4. Offer your seat to someone else, man or woman. In this case, it is just purely putting someone else’s needs before yours.

So there you have it! Ed Sheeran’s bold act of chivalry trended on Twitter and went viral instantly. I would not doubt that girls looked at him and said, “Ugh. Why can’t men be more like him??” Well, step up your game and revive chivalry!

Yours truly,